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Fact 15. My friend’s friend’s dad is friend with the founder of S.M. Entertainment

I’m being so serious right now(: she gets a lot of free CDs and she said she’ll get me some soon! :D

Fact 14. When I was little, I was fat, then I was skinny until 3rd grade. Then I was fat until 6th grade. 6th Grade, I lost some weight, then the end of 7th grade I got fat again, >.< then in the summer I lost weight. I’m scared I might get fat again. LOLOL xD

Fact 13. I weigh 113 lbs

Fact 10. I think I scare people away a lot…



Fact 9. Eli is MY yeobo. (:

Fact 8. I’m a slow turtle… *sigh*

Fact 7. I’ve had an allnighter where I watched nothing but k-pop variety shows

Fact 6. I still like my 6th grade boyfriend OTL

You can find a story about it on my personal link..

Fact 5. I’m a freshman girl that’s chasing after a senior guy…

Fact 4. Anna is such a creep liking my facts LOLOLOL

Fact 3. I speak fluently in English and Vietnamese^^

Fact 2. I am a hardcore k-pop fan!

Fact 1. I’m a girl

LOLOLOLOL. I’m starting this 100 facts thingy, if anyone cares…lol